Persecution in Pakistan needs to stop

This following letter was published by The Hamilton Spectator on May. 28, 2014.

Doctor gunned down

The Koran teaches, “whosoever saves a person . it shall be as if he had saved all mankind.”

As renowned cardiologist Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar saved countless lives in the U.S., so in essence, according to the teachings of Islam, he saved humanity several times. He took his services abroad to Pakistan to serve humanity even further, but was brutally murdered instead, solely due to his faith. This persecution in Pakistan is getting out of hand, and needs to stop.

Now those who were saved by him and acknowledge his efforts as a physician and a volunteer doctor are all mourning his loss. The killing was targeted; let’s make the response targeted as well. Pakistan, please stop the state-sponsored persecution of Ahmadi Muslims.

Sohail Temoor. Hamilton



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