No place for extremism in Islam

The letter was published in The Record on Nov. 4, 2020

Abhorrent, cruel, inhumane are a few words that come to mind when I hear of the tragic beheading of Samuel Paty and the unfortunate attack in Nice. There is no place for terrorism or extremism in Islam, without exception, period.

When I take a moment to reflect, I am amazed how those who conduct these vile acts of extremism bring nothing but disrepute to the religion they claim to honour.

What was the role model of Prophet Muhammad when he was ridiculed? One example pertains to an old lady who used to throw garbage at the Prophet as he walked by her house. On one occasion when she did not, he became concerned and on inquiry found her to be ill. Instead of rejoicing, he attended to the lady and looked after her with deep concern.

There are several examples in the traditions of the Prophet where he was mocked by different people but not once did he attack anyone.

My sympathy goes to the loved ones of the victim and the French nation. These heinous acts plant a seed to create division. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community works to actively convey the true teachings of Islam which is built on peace.

Nomaan Mubashir, Cambridge



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