Legalizing marijuana would be a mistake

This following letter was published by The Hamilton Spectator on April. 25, 2012.

There’s been some clamour lately for the legalization of marijuana. Having already seen alcohol’s ill effects – countless broken homes, addictions and thousands of deaths caused by drunk driving – legalization seems ridiculous.

I’ve had individuals approach me to join them in smoking marijuana, justifying it by arguing its medicinal benefits and social value. However, studies have strongly linked marijuana to mental illnesses; socially, it only impresses the wrong crowd. Our youth could be damaged by the inevitable marijuana proliferation that legalization brings.

I am a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. I know our community’s emphasis on abstaining from intoxicants like alcohol and marijuana has buoyed our youth’s success and contribution to society. The government must send the same empowering message to all youth, because ultimately, “nations cannot be reformed without the reformation of the youth.”

Sohail Temoor, Hamilton



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