Taliban ‘hijacking’ religion

The following letter was published by Calgary Herald on Dec 30, 2022.

Re: Don’t ignore the renewed attacks by Taliban on Afghan women; World must not look away, Opinion, Dec. 23

As an Ahmadi Muslim, I strongly condemn the actions of the Taliban to prevent women and girls from receiving education, as this is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

My sister has a master’s in psychology and my mother completed her education in her mid-40s.

The Taliban’s actions represent a major disconnect from a majority of the Muslim population. The Taliban is the only regime in Afghanistan to have denied girls an education. Additionally, no other Muslim-majority country denies girls an education.

To tackle the ongoing hijacking of the Islamic faith being misrepresented by the Taliban, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association is going into over 1,000 cities and towns as part of the Explore Islam exhibition in Canada.

Let’s unveil what Islam is really about.

Jari Qudrat, Calgary



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