Securlarism laws do not benefit Canada

The following letter was published by Ottawa Citizen, on Dec. 16, 2021.

Quebec’s secularism law is contrary to everything Canada stands for. Millions have migrated here due to religious persecution in other countries. I belong to the Ahmadi Muslim community who is severely targeted in Pakistan and there are specific laws in place in the constitution which hinders them to live a free life while keeping their faith. It essentially forces them to choose between freedom and faith. The recent episode of Grade 3 teacher being fired for wearing a hijab is no different.

The supporters of these laws must understand that it does not benefit our country or province in any way. It’s not like it will have a positive impact on economy or bring peace to society. In fact, the opposite is true. Faith based discrimination will cause further anger and hatred. Everyone should take a stand against such discriminatory laws especially people of Quebec. If not, it will further embolden these people and they may come for you next based on your way of life or ideology.

Luqman Ahmed, Cumberland



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