The following article was publised by Edmonton Sun, on May. 9, 2015.

The kidnapping of Nigerian girls by ‘Boko Haram’ is absolutely disgusting and inhumane. As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I sincerely hope and pray that the Nigerian government and the International community will do enough to ensure the safe return of these innocent victims. It is extremely sad to see the name of Islam being used to justify such atrocities, especially when we see that the core teachings of Islam prohibit such barbaric acts and Prophet Muhammad ensured the eradication of slavery through his struggle. On behalf of over 80 chapters of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community across Canada, I want to tell my fellow Canadians that ‘Boko Haram’ has nothing to do with Islam; in fact their actions lie completely contrary to the teachings of Qur’an and the practice of Prophet Muhammad.

Luqman Ahmed



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