The following letter was published by Edmonton Sun, on Oct. 2, 2014.

RE: Condemn all — not some — Islamist violence: Michael Coren. The bottom line is the injustices being committed by so-called Muslims and Islamic states have no link with the religion of Islam. The word Islam means peace and the atrocities these people are committing are far from peaceful. They can never be followers of the religion of Muhammad who denounced the actions of these monsters. But what is the reason for the dire condition of the Muslim world? I believe it is the lack of unity. Just look at the fastest growing Islamic sect, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. They have peacefully been under the Caliphate system for about 106 years. Their leader, Mirza Masroor Ahmed, denounces terrorism and urges his community to do the same. When addressing the European Parliament he stated “Always remember that peace can only be established by helping both the oppressed and the oppressor in a manner that is completely impartial, free from vested interests and devoid of all enmity. Peace is made by giving all parties an equal platform and playing field.”

Qasim Choudhary



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