Bill 21 is discriminatory

The following letter was published by The Toronto Star on March 5th, 2024.

Quebec Appeal Court Bill 21 ruling fuels debate on notwithstanding clauseMarch 2

It is disappointing but not surprising to read that the Quebec Court of Appeal upheld Bill 21, finding the secular law constitutional.

I am not a legal expert, but as a Muslim and a proud Canadian I am certain that law is discriminatory and harmful to the progress of Quebec and Canada.

True secularism is not about divorcing and masking the rich customs, beliefs, freedoms, and values of people, which this bill is advocating for.

I agree, public places should not be a place of preaching, of any religion, but simply putting on a hijab or a turban or a cross is not preaching, it is about the identity of a person.

Today is a sad day, as it ensures a sizable population of people will have to recluse themselves of serving their province and their nation in public service positions, and for that, the entire country stands to lose.

Sinwan Basharat, Ottawa, Ont



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