Are Islamic teachings antisemitic?

The following letter is in response to another letter on this story, published by Bradford Today, on Dec 12th 2023.

The ongoing conflict in the middle east has an effect on some Canadians with many feeling the need to express their views on the matter. This discussion however often leads to a narrative that Islamic teachings are antisemitic.

In the Holy Quran, Jews are referred to using different terms, including Children of Israel (banu Israel), the Jews (al-Yahud), and the people of the Book (ahl al-Kitab), a title also shared with Christians.

We know from historical sources that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) had friendly ties with the Jews, especially on the eve of migration (hijrah) to Medina.

The claim suggesting Islam’s antisemitism is perilous as it generates unwarranted apprehension towards Islam and Muslims, despite the absence of any valid grounds for such fear.

An opinion letter published by Robert Walker, assistant director for HonestReporting Canada, suggests that educating children about the Holocaust should not be opposed and I agree with him.

However, that should not stop us from condemning the atrocities of the state of Israel upon Palestinians. Criticizing Israel should not be equated with antisemitism the same way criticizing Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country is not considered Islamophobic.

I know for a fact that there are many Jews who openly condemn killing of innocent civilians and do not consider the actions of Israel in accordance with Jewish faith.

Touseef Ahmad
Secretary Publications
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamā‘at Bradford East



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