A bad reputation

The following letter was published by Ottawa Sun, on April. 28, 2013.

Once more down the rabbit hole. With two terror plots capturing headlines, one tragically successful in Boston and the other foiled in Ontario, Muslim suspects have dragged Islam once again into a now familiar bloody spotlight.

Every sane Muslim knows “Islamic Terrorism” is an oxymoron and that killing innocents and spreading disorder is clearly denounced by the Qur’an itself.

The problem here isn’t Islam — it’s the people at the helm of this religion today.

Young men are being brainwashed into a violent ideology born not of Islam, but of the twisted minds of radical clerics with thinly veiled political motives. Moderate Muslim leaders need to take a firm stance on such violence. The visit of the Khalifa of the Ahmadi Muslims, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, to Western Canada to inaugurate B.C.’s largest mosque, could not come at a better time. An outspoken advocate of international peace and one who condemns all forms of terrorism, his message is what is needed to keep otherwise sincere Muslims from falling into the trap of radical clerics.

Azhar Ahmad, Maple



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